Use Climpact to quickly analyse climate extremes using your own weather or climate data.

Climpact is a software package to calculate climate indices that are relevant for the health, agriculture and water sectors.

The indices calculated by Climpact are derived from daily temperature and rainfall data.

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Climpact allows you to calculate these indices from your own daily weather data—either plain-text point data (from a weather station, for example) or across an entire gridded NetCDF file (like climate model output).

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Climpact was developed by the World Meteorological Organization's Expert Team on Sector-Specific Climate Indices (ET-SCI) to help researchers deliver useful and relevant climate information to sector users.

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Looking for information on future changes in the climate? Climate Information, developed by the SMHI on behalf of GCF, WMO and WCRP, offers easy access to many pre-calculated climate indicators based on state-of-the-art climate science.

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